#0059 Who CARES?

As a Small Business Owner I have been guilty of trying to SELL to anyone who crosses my path.

I didn’t care who, what or where.

I just wanted to CONVINCE them that they needed MY stuff. Invariably, they did NOT care and I wasted a LOT of time working that out.

So instead of “scatter gunning” every passer by, wouldn’t it be better, easier, faster, more PROFITABLE and a whole lot more fun to only sell to those who care about what you have?

Easier said then done when you are first starting a business and you are DESPERATE for that next dollar to keep you going for an extra day. You will however, thank me in years to come.

Here are a few things you could try weaving into your Business so that you can SEEK out those who care, and sell to them so they can spread the word for you.

  • Be very SPECIFIC on what you offer and who it is aimed at. Stop trying to be all things to all people. The more specific, the GREATER chance you will have of identifying your target.
  • Be really, really good at a FEW things rather than average at a lot.
  • Stand out from the crowd rather then blend in. Seth Godin calls it being the PURPLE Cow and standing out in a field of brown ones that blend in to each other.
  • Look for the obsessiveness of having what you got and LOOK for those with the same passion.

Being safe is BORING. How will you stand out from the brown cows?

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