#0367 Sideways Thinking

At the dinner table we were discussing my middle daughters major where they get to design a solution to help the environment.

The conversation veered quickly toward utilising the waste of one product to reuse, recycle or to create a whole new category.

Sometimes referred to as a circular economy where resources are either recycled or reused many times rather than once off then sent to landfill.

There are many examples such as turning plastic bottles into park benches, coffee cups into road surfaces or simply recycling glass to make more glass.

Innovations in the tech space with a slight twist are fun too. Selling the space between phone calls as sms was a cool early example. As was selling off Amazons excess capacity for their online store to create their AWS storage product.

My gut tells me there is opportunity in every organisation to not only reduce waste but to leverage existing capability and resources to do better. Many were able to think like this when forced to pivot during the pandemic.

Your challenge if you wish to accept it, “what is your SMS product in waiting?”

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