#0368 Calling Out Revenue Owners

Never have I ever met anyone responsible for revenue that says they are happy with the amount, quality and frequency of leads coming into their business. Not One.

It is one of the great frustrations for most companies large and small globally.

Yet of all the disciplines required to run a successful enterprise it must be one of the least understood and likely under funded and resourced.

Why? I have been asking myself this for more than a decade and I believe it to be a problem with how it has been tackled since forever.

A series of well intentioned activities that may tick the “busy” box but often fall short leading to uncertainty and further undermining trust.

Marketing does not have to be mysterious, it is a process like every other part of your business.

As the owner of revenue generation, make it your mission to truly understand the end-to-end flow.

Once you are able to connect the dots from potential market to closed wins, your world will change forever.

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