#0073 SIMPLIFYING Complexity

I caught up with a GOOD friend for his Birthday lunch a while ago and he was introducing every around the table with their name and their occupation. As he went around the table I was becoming CURIOUS and somewhat anxious as to how he would describe what I did.

As an Entrepreneur of MANY years and one that had continued to change and adapt I didn’t just want to be known as ‘Jewels the Business owner’, but I often had found it difficult to DESCRIBE what I was about.

He didn’t let me down.

This is Jewels, he shows people how to SIMPLIFY Complexity…

That one line changed me. It gave me CLARITY. It gave me PURPOSE. It allowed me to be SPECIFIC with a few powerful words. You see for so many years, my focus has been on helping not only my clients but myself take the complexities out of process and reduce it down to its simplest, most achievable results driven outcomes.

I just hadn’t VERBALISED it in such a poetic way before.

Now the purpose of this post was not to talk about myself but rather:

  • prompt you to think about what the MOST powerful thing it is you do?
  • how do you HELP your clients relieve pain or add pleasure?
  • how does your product or service IMPROVE someones life?

Spend some time and come up with your own one liner and pleaseĀ SHARE it with everyone in the comments below.


  1. We work on simplifying things also. We found out it’s much easier to make things complex. We have found visuals to be very powerful in simplifying things.

  2. Wow!! Wish I had thought of that as a mission statement. It’s what I’ve been doing for 30 years – taking complex processes and simplifying them. My adage is that you should never have to enter anything more than once. If you have to re-enter into a spreadsheet to get your answers, then your process is not working.

    1. Same here Barbara, I’ve been doing it for so long , I just couldn’t see it. Oh, and how many times have we both seen information re-entered into spreadsheets over and over again. Breaks my heart.

      Cheers Jewels

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