#0436 Bigger Teams Bigger Gaps

They share the same challenges.

Recently I have been invited to speak at a number of offsite events for corporate marketing teams. The kickoff planning sessions for the new year rapidly approaching.

The intent is to unite the teams on common goals and to share an overview of what it means for each.

A lot of work precedes these events with slides decks for each team, presented one after the other in limited time slots.

The bigger the team gets however, the more siloed the pre-work becomes and the more disconnected the strategy.

A strategy meant to align often begins in multiple pieces developed in isolation.

My challenge to them (and you) is this;

‘What are the core principles everyone can both articulate and map thier outputs to.’

Literally on the back of a napkin.

If you cannot easily tell me where what you do on a daily basis fits into the bigger picture, there is still work to be done on alignment.

I see this time and time again but you do not have to follow suit.

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