#0219 Breaking Bread Together

We have a non-negotiable tradition in our household, we eat dinner at the table together every night.

It has been so since the kids were born and never has it been more valuable than now as we navigate their teen years.


As it is the only time in the day were we can collectively talk about what has happened in our days and what is coming up. Without it we would most certainly never really know what is going on in each others lives on a day to day basis and I would be just be their ATM and Uber driver.

With the hybrid nature of work fast becoming the norm I think this could also benefit those who are relentlessly going from emails to zoom meetings.

Spend some time each and every day as a collective (small) team and ask the simples questions like;

Tell me about your day? (not how was your day as that just gets “good” as a response)
What did you achieve today?
Where you proud of the work you submitted?
What is on for tomorrow?
What might you need help with?

This really only needs about 10 minutes a day but will most certainly deepen the relationships.

Go ahead, make time to break bread together.

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