#0220 Risky Business

We are all constantly making risk vs reward decisions.

Weighing up the pros and the cons and for the most part if the pros outweigh the cons, we increase our chances of saying yes.

The same is also true when asking ourselves “what are the risks of not taking action?”

This helps us prioritise what needs to get done to avoid the negative and because we are all busy, the higher the risk, the more likely it will get our attention.

If this is true at a personal level, you can be assured that the person making the decisions in a business is also using this as a form of triage as to what gets funded.

It is our job as sales and marketers to guide these decision makers and highlight both the risks of not taking action and ultimately what the trophy might look like if they do.

Selling just the prize is only half the battle and without the balance you may never get to the top of the priority list.

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