#0082 Good Old Customer SERVICE

What happened to it?

I remember the days when I’d walk into a store and they were actually HAPPY to see me, as if they had been WAITING all day for my arrival. I’m talking about when I’d be LOOKED after so well that I’d talk about the experience for MONTHS kinda Service.

Conversely I’ve gone out of my way to NOT Buy from someone just because of the attitude of the Sales Person or worse, if was treated with DISRESPECT.

Is Old Fashioned Customer Service DEAD?

Somewhere along the path the SIMPLE things in life seem to have gone by the wayside. Manners, RESPECT, Gratitude seems to have been replaced by TOO Busy, Get out of my way, Ego and NARCISSISM.

The GOOD News is that its easy to Differentiate yourself from the crowd  NO MATTER what Business you are in by:

  • GIVING a Damn.
  • Going out of YOUR way to help.
  • Doing EVERYTHING you can to ensure the Customer is (very) Happy.
  • Being GENUINE and Grateful.

Sometimes it’s the SIMPLE things that can really make the Difference.

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