#0382 Process Bloat

I have been teaching our middle daughter how to drive a manual car.

The first lesson was mostly spent in the driveway on the verge of tears (mine) but after just a few we are now venturing further from home.

An interesting exercise in unconscious competency. After 30 plus years at the wheel I no longer think about the task at hand, it just happens.

Until of course you have to teach someone else and must break it down into individual actions.

What I realised during this breakdown process are the things I am doing well and to the book, and what habits have appeared along the way.

I know for certain you too are unconsciously plowing through tasks every day unaware if you are in fact doing them well anymore.

In business this manifests as bloated processes that are done “because that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

Stand back and take a look as if you are a learner starting from scratch asking a million questions.

You may be surprised at what you uncover.

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