#0470 True(r) Self

From the time I first started in business right through to not that long ago I had a distinct business persona and a private one, and never would they mix.

On reflection, I believed it was important to mirror the character of the person I was interacting with to show them I was just like them and therefore can be trusted. What you got, was a reflection of yourself rather than the real Jewels. Right down to the clothes I wore when meeting you.

Roll forward and I am learning it is perfectly fine to be just little ole me. Dropping the facade after a lifetime of practice is not easy and sometimes I slip, but for the most part you now get me.

The world is abundant so rather than conforming to everyone else’s needs, being me attracts those who like what they see.

It is far easier to be me, less exhausting, immensely freeing, sometimes frightening and that is OK 🙂

You should try it.

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