#028. Trust and Attention

Marketing is not about you.

It’s not about how great your product or service is nor is it about trickery or deception.

Sending out more generic newsletters is not a great tactic in a world already full of noise. Generic means you are creating average work to please as many as possible. Average is also mediocre, mediocre doesn’t sell.

Marketing is about building trust and getting the attention of the select few.

The select few who will want to engage, who will get what it is you are trying to do, who will appreciate you turning up and solving a problem they have.

If I choose to engage with you, will I feel as if you are talking to me, helping me with a problem I have, guiding me to resolution or will I feel like you are spruiking to everyone and anyone who passes by the merry-go-round?

Make me feel like I matter, you won’t get my attention otherwise.

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