#0089 Spend a Day in THEIR Shoes

It’s EASY to forget that your Customers experience with you and your Business can have such a long lasting affect on Repeat Business, Word of Mouth Referrals, Perception, the amount they will pay and what they will ENDURE.

Customers treated with Respect, Accuracy, Timeliness and Empathy WILL just keep coming back for more.

So WHY is it that Customer Experience is so often neglected?

Spend a day in your Customers shoes so that you can TRULY experience as they do. Then take your time and review the following:

  • Look at the ENTIRE process from the first interaction to the very last and everything in-between.
  • ASK your Customers for Feedback.
  • Look at allĀ ASPECTS such as Time, Accuracy, Emotion and Environment.
  • RATE each part of the process out of 10 and then work on the parts with the lowest score.

Customers remember and talk about their BAD experiences but they will also SPREAD the word when they have had EXCEPTIONAL Service.

Don’t be complacent however, as nobody talks about Joe average, so AIM high.

By the way, this is NOT a one off task but rather a cycle of CONTINUAL improvement.

Get Customer Experience RIGHT and watch them RUSH back for more.

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