#0088 Information NO Longer Equates to Power

Google and the like have done a TREMENDOUS job of “Organising the Worlds Information

So good in fact that @thinkquarterly recently tweeted that “A child with a smart phone has instant access to more information than the US president did only 15 years ago.

Information, it’s justĀ TOO easy to come by.

So unless you are an Inventor, a Scientist or happen to have a UNIQUE Idea or perspective, you’re just another REGULAR Joe like the rest of us.

To get NOTICED then as a Small Business, you have to Stand OUT from the crowd rather than be just another Product or Service provider.

Here are a FEW Ideas:

  • Have a UNIQUE Perspective that’s Memorable rather than Forgettable.
  • Tell a STORY that includes Empathy, the Solution and the OUTCOMES.
  • BEEF up your Customer Service so it’s an Absolute Pleasure to Deal with your Business.
  • Go the EXTRA Mile so the Customer is left with a “WOW” every time.
  • Give away as much INFORMATION as you can, its worthless anyway but has a HIGH perceived Value if presented well.

You don’t have to be the Best, the Fastest or even the CHEAPEST;

You just have to have a Great Story.

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