#0086 Become a StoryTeller

Don’t TELL me about Bits and Bytes.
I’m NOT interested in Bells and Whistles.
Don’t BORE me with irrelevant details.

I JUST want to know what you can do for ME

We tend to get OVER excited about the features of our Product or Service. We spend WAY too much time trying to impress others when what propective clients REALLY want to hear is ‘What can you do to improve MY life somehow?

Instead, develop a STORY that shows your Prospect exactly what difference you can make:

  • Start with the known ISSUES.
  • Iterate what PAIN that causes.
  • EDUCATE about what your Product does.
  • Put that into PERSPECTIVE from the Clients point of view.
  • Describe the OUTCOME (which hopefully includes the pain relief)

Use specific EXAMPLES where possible and highlight the POSITIVE changes it has made to others and could well-do for them.

A GOOD Story told is like a good book where you are hanging on every word until the end.

Speak with PASSION, Honesty, Integrity and Belief..

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