#0085 STOP Selling Start Educating

I HATE being sold to by someone who knows nothing of my NEEDS.

Cold Callers, First Meetings with Providers, even walking into Stores where people immediately TRY and sell.

DON’T Assume you know what we WANT.

The modern Sales Process is a JOURNEY of Understanding, Educating and Advising rather than what I refer to as FORCEFUL Sales; ‘Meaning I have one option to offer and you WILL Buy it from me’

Take a moment to:

  • Determine WHERE along the Buying Journey the Prospect is and join them there.
  • Be PATIENT as prospects progress at their own pace.
  • Ask QUESTIONS to determine their understanding of what you offer.
  • Spend TIME Educating them.
  • Provide RELEVANT and useful information along the way.
  • Have a GENUINE desire to help.

Most importantly, have a DEFINED Sales process with many phases so there is an ideal place to start no matter where THEY are in their buying cycle.

Do YOU Educate or FORCE?

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