#0087 Irresistible Offers

If you’re in Small Business CHANCES are these days you probably have some sort of Website. I’m also guessing that it’s NOT that sophisticated, most likely needs UPDATING and you have no real idea if its helping or HINDERING your Sales effort.

Most websites are whats referred to as BROCHUREWARE Websites; meaning; they have some detail about the Products and Services you offer, something about your Company and a Contact us page.

You can bring a Horse to Water but you can’t make it Drink

What you should be aiming for is an INTERACTIVE website where you can easily measure the success of their visit by the ACTIONS they take.

Here are a few TIPS to a Better Website Experience:

  • Be very CLEAR and Specific on who you are targeting and everything you do should reflect that.
  • Give away HELPFUL information to Prove your knowledge on the subject and to build TRUST.
  • Ask people to CONTRIBUTE via Comments, Questions, Polls etc
  • Make IRRESISTIBLE Offers in exchange for the opportunity to interact further.
  • Tell them EXACTLY what you want them to do next.

Most of ALL you want your Visitors to take ACTION so you can measure the validity of your message and if you are actually targeting the CORRECT Audience.

The GOAL of your Website should be to assist Prospects ALONG the Buying Journey.

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