Does Your Story have a POINT?

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One of my all time FAVOURITE lines in a Movie is from “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” (1987) when Steve Martin goes off on a rant at John Candy in their Hotel room. Steve EXPLODES into a tirade that lasts several minutes. The line I just LOVE went something like this:

“Here’s a hint, when you tell a Story have a POINT, it makes it so much more interesting for the listener”

So when you are with a prospective client are you BORING the pants off them with information they probably got from your DULL and outdated website, or are they actually LISTENING and interested in what you are saying?

Rather than blurt out details about WHAT you company does, which is more like a resume, create a ‘Personal Story‘ about HOW and WHY you and your company came to be.

Here are a few Story Starters:

  • When I STARTED the company…
  • About 2 years ago we IDENTIFIED
  • We have EVOLVED from a company who…
  • to a Company that now FOCUSES on…
  • Our ETHOS is …
  • Wouldn’t it be NICE if…

If you’re not sure, RECORD your next first Meeting with a Prospect and listen back later.

Anyone can tell a Story, but GOOD StoryTelling is an Art-form that takes PRACTICE

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