#0183 How Do You Learn

In a teaching environment you have a primary learning mode, Visual (show me), Auditory (tell me) or Kinaesthetic (let me try).

Hard to do the second and third when you are writing out content though, so how can you impart knowledge in this format.

Fortunately there are 3 other modes we can leverage when writing, each suit different learner types with some requiring a combination for it to really sink in:

  1. Numerate (list it out)
  2. Linguistic (say it in different ways)
  3. Interpersonal (give me an example)

In other words, when you are writing content, particularly longer form it helps to use a mix of these modes so that you cover your bases for different learner types. Some people just like short sharp lists and they will scan looking for them. Others prefer you long form your explanation with more detail whilst some people won’t get it until you put it into a real life scenario they can relate to.

For example, many of you scanned to the list and got the gist of this content right away, some will have read every word of the paragraph following the list and those of you still reading needed me to show you how you would use this methodology in context.

Now go back and look at the structure of this post. See what I did there.

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