#0182 Impart Your Knowledge

You have one job.

When you started your business or joined the team, your one job is to work with and help as many of the right people as you can manage to be better in some way. That’s it.

Everything else you do should be a component of this singular cause.

A big part, a HUGE part of this starts with your ability to impart knowledge in a way that facilitates a potential or existing client to make a decision and take a step.

Conveying this knowledge is far more difficult than people first think.

Why? Because people who know something and truly want to share, do so with so much enthusiasm and oversharing that all it does it confuse rather than enlighten.

We then wonder why people “don’t get it”

It does not take much investigative work to see that what you are saying in the market is what I refer to as “random acts of marketing” rather than considered communication.

To impart your knowledge well you must follow a structure that aligns with the psychology of decision making rather than just what you are trying to sell.

Believe or not there is a science behind marketing and it goes well beyond a pretty website.

If this has hit a nerve then perhaps it is time to seek help so your marketing efforts start to have the desired affect for the effort you put in.

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