#0176 Controlling the Narrative

Like it or not, this is happening to you…

You’ve worked hard to secure a first meeting with a new prospect or maybe a job interview but you are nervous as you know the first thing they did was Google your name.

What did they find?

It is pretty common practice and if you are leaving the results to the algorithm gods then you are possibly doing yourself an injustice.

Can they find you at all?
Do you disappear between all the other “<insert your name>”?
Are they hit with images from your party days?

Aware of it or not you have a personal public brand and if you are not managing it, it could be the difference between getting that meeting or not at all.

The only real way to control it; produce plenty of content you want people to find and do it consistently enough to flood at least the first page when someone Google’s your name.

Try searching for yourself, let me know what you find especially if you don’t like what you see.

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