#0175 Not The Same For Everyone

I would put up a solid fight if you asked me to give up my morning coffee.

Besides being an addiction, I enjoy every part of the process too. The smell of the fresh grind, watching the pour as the dark golden brown double shot coats the crisp white cup, stretching the milk until it is velvety smooth and of course the moments of joy each sip brings me as I prepare for my day.

Yet I know people who can’t stand the smell of coffee let alone the taste. Weird to me but I guess we are just wired different.

I find this true in business as well. For example I really enjoy the process of writing these short blogs. It’s therapeutic as much as it forms part of my marketing strategy.

Some parts of running a business are just going to gel with you and others will not even if they are wildly successful for your peers. It does not mean one is right and the other is necessarily wrong.

So when you are traveling along your own journey, take note of the things that work for you and the areas that don’t.

For the stuff you must do but cannot get into the habit, find someone who can do it for you.

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