#0209 Employee Experience

I had my regular car service recently and even though I feel somewhat gouged by the cost of maintaining my car it all seems OK by the simplicity of the experience I receive.

I am greeted at the door, spoken to politely, necessary repairs are explained in a language I can understand and I am even walked to my car when I pick it up, with a followup call a couple of days later to check in all is OK.

I too often notice a correlation between how much I spend somewhere and the level of customer experience I get, but should that make a difference?

If I am part of the reason you are able to survive as a business do I not deserve a minimum level of respect? Should it really matter if I spend a few dollars at a coffee shop or thousands on professional services?

Sometimes it might just be a smile, a question, a moment of your time that can take you from a 3 star to a 5.

But I wonder if it is really the fault of the employee? I know it comes naturally to some but others need training, guidance, incentive.

In order to keep costs down are we in a race to the bottom that nobody wants to win?

Take a step back and take a look at how your customers are being treated and then look at what you are providing to and then expecting of your employees.

Fix the latter and you might just have a chance of impressing your customers no matter what your fees are.

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