#0174 Into The Sunset

Almost every great story ends with the hero metaphorically walking off into the sunset and there is a good chance the guide in the story is there with them too.

In a business context this end of the story executed well, might just be part one of a sequel where the guide (you) walk side by side with the hero (your customer) on a number of journeys.

In my last blog I talked about showing your customer how to avoid pain, which is great and what the customer will want to do if the pain is important enough to resolve.

What makes the avoidance of pain even better though? Getting to something better on the other side not just ending at the status quo.

It’s the icing on the cake, milestone achieved, a goal attained.

Without the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, just solving the problem might feel like thousands of sit-ups with no washboard abs to show for it, and a whole lot harder to sell.

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