#0287 One Percent

It started with just one thing.

I had some left over pizza dough from Friday night so I decided to try and use it to make bread rolls. Whilst I was out I saw a nice piece of beef so I bought it. I had some home grown rosemary and a bit of leftover rocket and a capsicum which I roasted.

I had made this sandwich many times before but this time each element was either hand made or hand picked. Nothing crazy but each part was just a bit better than what I had done before.

The result of combining of a little-bit-betters however was exponentially awesome. I mean over the top for flavour.

The difference between good and great is just the attention to detail and the small improvements you make along the way. Not being afraid to tweak something even if it has been working fine.

Go make those little one percenters and see what happens.

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