#0309 Order

In the Principles of IMPART I talk about the importance of delivering information in a certain order for maximum impact.

Amplifying the pain before you talk about the transformation increases the desire for the end result. What you are essentially doing is leaving me on a high wanting for more rather than focusing on the effort.

Here is the same sentence switched around transitioning around the word BUT;

Version 1: There is a way to get six pack abs you have always wanted for the holidays but you will to have put in effort to moderate your diet and spend at least 30 mins a day exercising following this routine.

Version 2: It will take effort on your part to moderate your diet and follow this exercise routine for 30 mins a day but you will have the six pack abs you have always wanted in time for the holidays.

The first version feels like hard work, the second leaves me believing I can.

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