#0466 Curb or Canyon

When was the last time you crossed a road? Today, yesterday, possibly many times this week.

How much consideration or pre-thought went into it?

If you are able-bodied, you likely briefly stood on the curb, looked both ways before preceding to cross over. Not much thought went into it, it was an easy decision.

Now think about the last time you base-jumped off the edge of a very deep canyon. Probably never. 

A decision many of us wouldn’t even contemplate making no matter how much evidence was presented pointing to the safe nature of the sport.

These two scenarios are two extreme examples of cognitive decision making. One is super easy and made often without too much thought, the other for many conjures up the flight response. “Get me the hell out of here”

Most decisions sit somewhere in between.

Your role as a presenter of information is to determine where on this scale the audience sit.

If they are closer to the curb end, they may not need a lot of convincing. Should they be closer to the canyon extreme, well that’s a completely different presentation.

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