#0216 Earning Trust

Building trust is an early and fundamental component when attracting and maintaining a business relationship, actually any relationship.

Trust by definition means having a “firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.”

I like to take this definition a little further and say that to trust someone means to believe they will do the right thing whether they are being watched or not.

In other words, can you be trusted when left alone to keep doing what you should be doing at the highest of your capability?

Many studies have shown that most cannot be trusted and will press the big red button when asked not to, eat the chocolate cake, stop work the minute the supervisor leaves the room.

If you are the in the small percentile who can control their behaviour with or without eyes on the situation, you will stand out.

You have the power to decide what to do, choose wisely and watch your relationships flourish.

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