#0195 For the Right Reasons

The idea of building my brand online is overwhelming and a bit scary, where do I start?

It is not an uncommon question as the choices seem infinite and not without their challenges.

My first question is why do you want to put yourself out there? I hear reasons like; I need more business; My peers are online; It feels like something I should be doing.

All valid but none are good enough reasons to do so. If these are the only reasons you have then going online will likely be a short-term, uncomfortable venture ending in tears.

To be successful for the long haul you have to come from a different place. A place of give rather than ask. A place of abundance not scarcity. From conviction not convincing. A desire to help, of integrity, of pure intent with a healthy dose of patience and resilience.

Start there and the platform or medium is irrelevant.

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