#0194 11 Deadly Sins in Marketing

I bet you are guilty of more than one of these.

In fact I am willing to wager that you are culpable of many. Any of which alone could derail your efforts and combining just a few will most certainly will be hurting you.

Here are 11 of the most common mistakes I continue to see:

  1. Targeting too broad an audience (No everyone is your target)
  2. Overuse of technical language (you are confusing your audience)
  3. One size fits all (no it does not)
  4. Asking too early in the relationship (ask me out for coffee first)
  5. Expecting too much attention (earn it)
  6. Spreading too thin across multiple platforms (or not enough)
  7. Inconsistent in execution (would you invoice twice a year?)
  8. Not using any system (random acts of well intended marketing)
  9. Rollercoaster Marketing (stop start, go big, do nothing)
  10. No followup (this one still freaks me out)
  11. Looking for a silver bullet (hint: it does not exist)

If you answered “yes this is me” to more than a couple you are working harder for less return than you deserve.

Marketing is not an art, or a black hole if you start treating it like any other division of your business; systems, precesses, accountability and sufficient funding.

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