#0198 Pleasing No-One

Generic, vague, broad, nondescript.

None of these words are how you would like me to describe your communication style if I was to do an audit of you.

I know, I know… you service suits a lot of diverse people and I get that but if you are not communicating to each of those types then effectively you are speaking no-ones language.

Your voice, tone, writing, imagery needs to relate to the audience you are trying to attract or you are in danger of them passing you by.

Hone in, be super specific at who you are targeting and start to speak their language and you will be surprised how much more response you will get.

The world is abundant and most of us do not need a large ‘engaged’ audience to be successful.

The tighter your target the better. You would be surprised at how many ukulele playing, knitting enthusiast are out there if you look.

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