#0222 Universally Specific

Have you ever noticed that (given enough time) you can always find the perfect birthday card to express how you are feeling about the recipient?

Capturing the very essence of your friend like they wrote it just for them on your behalf.

Logically they did not write it for you or your friend and have likely sold thousands just like it.

This type of writing is called “universally specific” meaning you are writing in such a way that sounds personal but will resonate with a large audience.

When producing business content you should consider adopting this style of writing to attract your ideal client like you wrote it just for them.

Careful though, too broad and it will not hit the mark, too narrow and you run the risk of not resonating with enough people.

The other magical thing with cards is their ability to say a lot with very few words. Too often I will read a sentence that is stuffed with far too many words which are not adding any value.

It takes me 5 minutes to write these blogs and then I spend another 2o minutes cutting out words to make it more concise.

Say just enough to the right person and they will not only feel spoken to but will be wanting to hear more from you.

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