#0185 B Reel

Think of your website, presentations, whitepapers, blog etc as your showreel.

The best parts of what you have on offer. High quality, considered, thoughtful. The highlights of what the business does, how it does it and why that is important.

A bit like that conversation you have a couple of times a year with an elderly family friend where you share the best parts of what has happened since you last spoke. The wedding, the holiday, the big stuff.

Social Media then by definition is there to fill in the gaps. It is the B reel of what occurs in-between the big things. The back of office, the preparation, the grind.

More like the conversation you would have on a Friday afternoon over a beer or a champagne debriefing with a colleague on the week that was.

A Business that only shows the best-of is in danger of becoming a faceless corporate whereas those willing to share some of the other aspects appear more human.

And humans like dealing with humans.

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