#0186 Marketing Architecture

Producing and executing good Marketing is a bit like working with an Architect when you are building a new home.

A set of architectural drawings is multi-layered and designed to meet the needs of multiple interested parties from the home owner, the council, the builder right through to the individual trades.

Each of these parties are interested in different parts of the same document but they all form part of the same vision. There are rules, checks and balances that need to be abided by in a certain order in order to get a good result.

Now imagine if you didn’t have that continuity and you just started trying different components out of order and were not always focused on the ultimate goal. Maybe you even asked your handy neighbours teenage daughter for help because they did woodworking at school.

“Hey we got the roofer in and now we have a roof but it is sitting on dirt. Then we tested some electricians but we didn’t wire the house because there was no frame. Then we realised we needed a foundation” … you get the idea. What a mess.

Now think about how you do your marketing?

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