#0171 Clearing The Path

Have you ever noticed a worn track taking a shortcut through the grass when there’s a perfectly good concrete path albeit a little longer and not so direct right next to it?

In design principles it’s referred to as the “desire line”.

City planners often use this principle when determining the placement of footpaths and walking tracks.

Ironically these shortcuts get worn in as the human desire is to take the path of least resistance or shortest route even though we may be out for exercise trying to get our daily steps up.

When laying out business options however, many tend to lean on “impressing with complexity” to justify their fees rather than making it as simple as possible for the customer to:

Clearly comprehend what they are getting.
Understand the steps from problem to resolution.
Grasp the reasoning for each of the steps.
Welcome the guidance along a clear and direct path.

Is your articulation of the customers intended journey with you a set of clearly defined, illuminated steps or have you created more of a maze with trip hazards?

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