#0075 How to IMPROVE your Cash Flow

I’d like to SHARE a strategy to help turn your cash flow issues around.

Make MORE Sales…

Let me be MORE Specific, make more CONSISTENT sales – The KEY word is consistent.

Sorry for being so flippant but it is a GENUINE way to smooth out your cash flow and SURPRISINGLY small business owners do not put ENOUGH emphasis on CONSISTENCY in sales.

“Easier said than done” I hear you say.

What I have seen and experienced is that most small business owners are so PASSIONATE about what they do that put them in front of ANY prospective client and they are VERY capable of closing the deal.

The PROBLEM is most don’t have the ability nor the time to get in front of the RIGHT audience because they get TOO busy doing OTHER stuff and if they do manage to get in front of people, all too often its the WRONG type of prospect.

Worse still, many businesses DO NOT have a marketing strategy let alone a budget or marketing is often NEGLECTED and ignored when things get TOO hard.

Many Small Business owners don’t know WHERE or how to spend their marketing budget and are afraid to TRY because it may have FAILED in the past.

Are you CONSISTENT in your Sales and Marketing?

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