#0173 If The Stakes Are High Enough

My list of to-do’s is a mile long and important to me.
I bet your list is the same but different.
I double bet you that your customer also has a version.

Likely all have different things on them but just as significant to each of us.

There are only so many hours in a day and we are both blessed and cursed with options. Options that are only getting more abundant sometimes rendering the decision process an exercise in frustration.

So how do you choose?

There are really only two human desires underlying our decision process. The improve something (health, wealth, relationships) or to avoid pain (physical or mental) perceived or real.

The avoidance of pain however, particularly if it is imminent is a far greater motivator than gain.

Pain is also often the barrier to getting something good, like doing thousands of sit-ups to get those washboard abs, working hard to save for your first home, getting your heart broken before finding the one.

So when we make decisions the list will naturally priorities to get rid of impending pain but not necessarily longer term pain. If it can wait, it probably won’t get done.

So if you customers are doing the same, are you helping them avoid imminent pain? Are the stakes high enough that they must make a decision in order to avoid it? Is it in their top 3 things to make a decision on?

Pain is a powerful motivator and if you have been their guide, shown them the plan to avoid or fix said pain and called them to action, you are almost there… almost.

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