#0191 Rollercoaster

Too busy, then not busy, busy then not.

It is the proverbial rollercoaster of business and the cause of so much angst.

There are often a number of factors driving this consequence but the one that drives me crazy is stop-start marketing.

Often get a call ;

Revenue Owner: “we are running an event in a month and need to fill seats”
“we think we need to run some ads and need results by the end of the month”

Me: “So what have you executed in the last 3-6-12 months?” crickets…

This kind of on again, off again marketing is bloody hard work, expensive, and to be honest does not provide the best return on the effort and spend.

A well designed process is consistent in its effort and execution and WILL create flow given proper time and effort…period.

Persistent and patient communication at many levels of your pipeline to keep the opportunities coming otherwise you are in danger of experiencing the low troughs of despair when business invariably dries up and the panic sets in.

Rant over (for now)

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