#0096 BACK to Business Basics

I’m busy, YOU’RE busy, we’re all busy. But that doesn’t seem to stop us from being DISTRACTED by unsuspecting opportunities, ideas or shiny things.

Then before you know it, you’re so busy that NOTHING seems to get done anymore.

Are you ACHIEVING your goals?

Every now and again its healthy to step back and EVALUATE what you are doing, simplifying and or eliminating unnecessary distrations and re-focusing in what really matters in your Business (and life for that matter).

Keep going the way you are and before you know it, the end of the year will be here and you’ll be setting yet another New Year’s resolution to get more done NEXT year.

Here are a few reminders of areas that you SHOULD probably being focusing on; in no particular order:

  • Are you providing the BEST possible Customer service you can?
  • Are you CONSISTENTLY Marketing and driving new demand?
  • Is your Sales Process EFFECTIVE and successful?
  • Is your Staff happy, healthy and PRODUCTIVE?
  • Is your Business Operating like a WELL oiled machine?
  • Are you proactively managing your CASH FLOW?
  • Are you looking after YOURSELF? How’s your health, are you paying yourself appropriately and do you have a balanced work/life?

So STOP, take a deep breath, and REVIEW.

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