#0243 Best Kept Secret

You have worked hard and are good at your job but other than those closest to you, no-one knows.

I have met some super clever people doing amazing work over the years. Some solo, some within a business and I often think “Why have I not heard of you before now?”

The answer, they are invisible.

Rather than keep all your knowledge, wisdom, learnings, innovations, creations to yourself, you deserve to be known, to be found, to be visible.

The best way I know how is to share.

Choose a medium you are comfortable with ie writing, audio or video.
Start with short pieces but be consistent.
Shake off the imposter syndrome as it is likely unfounded.
Keep going even when no-one is visibly noticing.
Celebrate the little wins as they occur.

It is not a race but it is and should be a life long commitment.

Start today.

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