#0229 Changing the Conversation

Imagine you and I just meeting for the first time and you ask me straight up to help you move house, my answer would be a flat no.

A genuine friend asking the same thing would elicit a different response.

If a random guy standing on a street corner asks you to put your hands in the air, jump up and down and yell YES, you would pick up speed to move on.

At a Tony Robbins seminar people comply in the thousands.

It is not the request that is wrong, it is the timing in the relationship, and like any relationship it takes time and effort to foster.

Once there is a certain level of trust built, then of course you would impart time to listen and consider.

If you believe this to be true then please stop asking anything of complete strangers (early stage prospects) before offering any value up front.

Give (more) first, then eventually you will have the right to ask.

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