#0181 The Core Message

You built your website when?
You put your sales deck together when?
You ran an advertising campaign when?
You shot some videos when?
You posted on social when?

You have likely executed on a number of different content creation strategies over the years. We get a rush of blood and give it a go. Some worked, statistically many didn’t and so we move on.

The content however has a long life on the internet and anything that you have put out there is there to be seen. So what do I commonly see when I review all of this good work that you have done?

Disjointed messaging.

You have executed diligently and probably with different inputs from many sources but what that has created is a mismatch of style and output.

The consequence is a potential customer looking at you like a confused puppy.

Maybe it is time to revisit your core message from the ground up and adapt your public image so you portray a congruent and clear purpose in the market.

Go look for yourself?

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