#0268 The Slow Win

The question on every Sales Managers lips: What can you close this month, this quarter?

Too many organisations I have engaged with in the last decade have operated on the basis of the “quick win”

The issue I have with this approach is that you are only working with a small percentage of the available market. Studies show that less than 2% are aware and active at any point in time.

If this is how you operate, you are effectively ignoring 98% of the market.

The good news is you do not have to go after everyone else as this can be overwhelming and expensive.

Consider targeting the next segment which is aware and passive. These buyer know they need what you have but are either not ready or not convinced as yet. They need a little more time.

Implementing a (different) strategy to address this group draws them closer and creates an environment whereby you are on the top of list when they are ready to buy.

Estimates put this segment as 18%. That is 9 times bigger than your current audience!

Just closing a small percentage of the bigger group increases your chances of hitting your growth targets substantially.

Are you ignoring the a big slice of the cake?

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