#0231 The Elephant in the Room

Forget “The Great Resignation” I think we are heading toward something worse.

“Mass Insolvency”

The obvious ones are the many who have been hit hard by the pandemic, many of which sadly will not be able to recover. Add to these (in Australia at least) the businesses that have been affected by the floods and fires in recent years. Hit once and recover, but after two or three disasters the energy to go again diminishes.

The hidden category for me are the tens of thousand of businesses run by Baby Boomers who have not prepared for sale.

Let me be clear – A business that is unable to run without the owner present are worth nothing.

Now tally up the people that are employed by or are in the supply chains, the landlords, the customers, the families.

Too many are just not putting in the required effort to systemise and delegate from either ignorance or fear.

It is coming and I do not like what I see.

For the sake of those around you, seek guidance.

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